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July 10th, 2009

Directions to the AMR

270-7513 or 249-5956

From the “HILLTOP” or “Marion Grill” at Marion

(30 miles WEST of Kalispell)

Please call before coming out to the ranch!

We want to make sure we are here to greet you!

Turn toward town (Marion) off Highway 2,  Between the gas station and the Hilltop (Marion Grill)


Go 1.3 miles to Y

          Turn LEFT at the Y (Bitterroot Lake Drive – sign AMR on tree)

                Road WINDS around lake & housing areas

                    You will go PAST the back end of the Lake … keep going …

                    to the next Y (Lower Lost Prairie Rd)

Go 1.7 miles to Y (Lower Lost Prairie Rd. sign AMR on tree)

          Turn RIGHT

                  Road crosses bridge

                      You will pass Badger Hollow Rd to the left

                      Road winds around and goes around large ranch 

                      You will pass Moose Meadows COURT on the right.

Go 1.1 miles from Y along Lower Lost Prairie Road to intersection  Go thru/crossing “Moose Meadows Lane.” (sign AMR on tree)

Go .7 miles to driveway on LEFT

                    The road will make major curve Left – twice (signs posted)

                     Stay on thruway.  This road is narrow and wanders

                      through the woods.  The puddles are quite navigatable.

                      The driveway entrance is marked by our sign

                       (to  the left)

                    The AMR is the last of 3 places (DEAD ENDS) ON THE